Arvina's Vision


Wisconsin has a proud history of putting our democracy in the hands of the people—not special interests, wealthy corporations, or connected political insiders.

Our state’s pioneering efforts to expand the franchise, provide for direct election of U.S. senators, and eliminate corruption in our government earned Wisconsin status as a “laboratory of democracy” and paved the way for sweeping progressive reforms across the nation.

This legacy has been under attack for the past eight years, as Scott Walker and Republicans in the legislature have chipped away at our foundational principles of good, open government while diminishing the roles of Constitutionally-elected officials who provide needed checks and balances.

Arvina Martin is running for Secretary of State to help give people a voice in our democracy again.

As Secretary of State, Arvina will fight to protect the right to vote for all Wisconsinites and preserve the integrity of our elections, starting by working to restore and expand the duties of the office of Secretary of State. Arvina also believes that even in the office’s current, limited capacity, Wisconsin’s Secretary of State has a unique and valuable platform to promote civic engagement and voter participation around the state, particularly by encouraging registration of new voters. And she will serve as a key leader on the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, ensuring smart forestry management and investing proceeds from public lands into modernizing school libraries.

Arvina will fight for the following reforms:

  • Fair, open elections: Wisconsin voters deserve to know that they are casting their ballot in elections that are free from corruption or outside interference. At the same time, we must modernize our voting infrastructure. Arvina believes that the state must provide support and resources to the local governments that administer our elections.

  • Ensure that every vote counts: Too many voters, particularly seniors, students, military, and people of color, face obstacles exercising their right to vote at the ballot box. Arvina will fight to expand the options for voter ID and simplify the voter registration process, to include allowing automatic voter registration through the Department of Transportation.

  • Fair maps: Republicans all over the country have rigged our democracy in their favor with gerrymandered districts that allow representatives to choose their voters, instead of the other way around. As Secretary of State, Arvina will advocate for comprehensive, non-partisan redistricting reform that ensure voters choose their representatives.

  • Protect the census: Donald Trump has proposed an added question on citizenship on the upcoming U.S. Census. Politicizing the census is wrong; it will drive down participation rates and create fear and confusion, especially in communities with large populations of immigrants. We can’t draw fair and representative districts, or accurately allocate federal funding for programs like Medicaid and Head Start, if we don’t have a fair and representative count of our population.